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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recognizing Israel's "right to exist"

It's on the news again. The president is trying to get Israel to make territorial concessions in the hope their enemies will be satisfied, make peace, and recognize Israel's right to exist.

I can't believe I'm still hearing this garbage about getting Hamas, Abbas and Whatsisass to recognize Israel's "right to exist."

The very term Israel's right to exist is a lie.

Israel's enemies aren't against the existence of a Jewish nation, they're against the existence of Jews period. End of story.

This isn't like the cycles of conquest we're used to hearing about from European history. Poland was conquered and dismembered between Russia, he Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Prussia for 135 years - but there were still Poles.

Those powers subjugated and sometimes attempted to assimilate many various subject nations. They didn't try to exterminate them genetic stock, lock and barrel.

But that's what the jihadists want to do.

And how do you know this, you terrible, xenophobic, racist, intolerant person? (I hear you say.)

Oh gee, let me think for a minute...

Could it be because they say so? Loudly, conspicuously, and at every opportunity?

Call it a hunch.


  • At 11:54 PM, Blogger Ted, a/k/a Galt-in-Da-Box said…

    Wouldn't waste a lot of time playing this particular violin again.
    In case you've missed the way the ragheads operate, unless their victim's back is turned and there are women and children to cower behind, they got NO game. That's what terrorism is...A freaking Sunday punch.
    Israel's problems stem from
    1. Trying to build a mansion in a slum neighboorhood under the delusion they won't be robbed by the looters and moochers around them.
    2. Expecting the rest of the world to grovel at their feet due to the "God's chosen people" jingoism/self-delusion.
    3. Like America, an establishment top-heavy with left-leaning socialist ass-clowns who feeeeeel (instead of thinking) if they feed the crocodile enough, it won't eat them, or will eat them last.
    4. An addiction to American aid that renders them incapable of defending/making decisions for themselves, even though they have sufficient armament to take out all the terrorist raghead states at once - as they've proven before: There is no independence as long as you're hanging on to Momma's apron strings.
    The banner over all this, is a globalist-internationalist political class who don't recognize ANY state sovereignty (American & European migrant issues, the selling out of the USA to any foreign dictator with a few trillion to lend, &c), and therefore rationalizes territorial concession is the way to go...After all, it's one world, and we're all "her" citizens *stops to vomit*.


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