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Friday, March 13, 2009

That was a short honeymoon

This has got to be the shortest presidential honeymoon in the history of the Republic.

We're just over 50 days into the new administration, and even the mainstream media that had "A Slobbering Love Afair"* with The One Who Sends Tingles Down Legs, is beginning to sound like how the easy bar pick-up feels next morning when she sobers up and sees what she's woken up next to.

The Obama presidency seems to be a floundering mess from day one. Polls seem to indicate practically no one believes the economic "stimulus" is going to do anything but make things worse.

And, the foreign policy front of the administration is such a disaster that even the Bush-despising Europeans are aghast. In short order, The One has managed to insult the Brits, the Eastern Europeans, and even the damn Brazilians!

Ovetures to the Islamic crazies are met with sneering contempt. The Russians are openly flouting the Monroe Doctrine in our back yard and ratcheting up the bullying of Europe. Looks like the Euros are going to be needing a cowboy soon. Too bad what they'll get is a hip metrosexual.

Those of us who never felt the love to begin with may be pardoned for indulging in a moment of schadenfreud** - but damn it, it's my country too, and the prospect of a nuclear Iran and Russian long-range bombers in Cuba and Venezuela is no laughing matter.

Bill Clinton had a floundering period too, at the beginning of his presidency when he and his buddies would stay up past midnight over pizza and solve the world's problems, like a pack of college sophomores. He did eventually straighten up and get things at least semi-organized.

(I didn't and don't give a damn about the shenanigans in the Oval Office, apart from the perjury. If I were president I'd have a hareem in the East Wing - and if you were married to Hillary...)

Maybe Obama will realize there are limits to power, organize his administration, and deal with the stuff a president must deal with, before trying to do what he'd most like to do.


* http://www.amazon.com/Slobbering-Love-Affair-Pathetic-Mainstream/dp/1596980907/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1237132781&sr=8-1

** I don't think I ever get over the creepy realization there is a language which has such a word which means that and nothing else.


  • At 1:10 AM, Blogger Ted said…

    I love it when Bill Maher (spell-check) and other leftists go off on their "blame capitalism" rants, when we haven't had free markets in this country for almost a hundred years now, and are currently suffering the effects of the banker-politician fornication inherent in "planned political" interference!


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