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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

...and an anecdote for Mr. Holder

And a P.S. on AG Holder's desire for an honest conversation on race.

I think it was in 1992 or '93 I was attending a conference in then-Czechoslovakia, in a town called Swit (now Slovakia.)

There I met a delightful lady, South African author Frances Kendall.

Kendall had just published a book called, "The SeXY Factor: Gender differences at home and at work" about, as the title suggests, gender differences.

This was a bit of a daring subject, at a time when feminists were denying there were any differences in gender beyond basic plumbing.

Kendall told me that friends had told her, "This is great! Now why don't you do one on race?"

Her answer, "No way! Everybody who touches that subject gets burned."

Let's have that conversation some other time.


  • At 8:59 AM, Blogger Ted said…

    "Let's have that conversation some other time."

    Will NOW do?
    Rand was right: The more you cater to weakness and enable it, the more of it you are going to get.
    Larry Elder doesn't pull any punches about this, neither does Bill Cosby, or a dozen other thinkers who accurately deserve the title of "leaders of the black community".
    Black, white or somewhere in between, the problem is not race. It's not even conversation. It's the cop-out that someone today is due a freebee because of some alleged injustice done their ancestors 150 years ago: An excuse, answered with appeasement and altruism, that has led many today to believe they deserve handouts and exemptions from the law from the cradle to the grave...By state edict too, in many cases.
    At trillions of dollars in debt, it doesn't take a sage to see where more appeasement and altruism will lead!


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