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Monday, March 10, 2008

A litmus test?

See my post below on Hugh Hefner. Lighthearted musing, so I thought.

A friend commented:

Read your piece on hef. Hope that couch is comfy Steve ;)

I think he gets his pneumatic blondes from the moonlight bunny ranch though. A far cry from his long gone “no strippers allowed” rule. If I recall correctly Pam Anderson had to lie and pretend to be a limo driver to get her first (magazine) spread. The new girls just scream professionalism.

Tom the Impaler http://tom-the-impaler.livejournal.com/

Well, as it happens, an eFriend asked if he could reprint this over at an Objectivist website, the Atlasphere http://www.theatlasphere.com/myaccount/login.php?path=/members/index.php

By the afternoon of the morning it was put up, there was a whole series of comments. Check them out. The ratings run from one (terrible) to five (wonderful) stars. Names and addresses have been redacted, The Atlasphere is a member site with contact data and profiles available.


RATING: 4 Stars

COMMENTS: Hefner has somewhat mellowed, i.e. there are currently only 3
instead of 7 girlfriends (Holly, Bridgett and Kendra) and Bridgett (who I
actually think has the sweetest face) is over 30 years.

As I understand the arrangement, Holly is girlfriend #1, which perks (?)
sound similar (at least in theory if not legally) to those the first wife
you described had, i.e. she and Hef share a room, Hef has spoken of ending
his days with her and she seems to have some control over who goes/stays in
the harem (and in the reduction from 7 down to 3 girlfriends).

Anyway, the current girls actually all come across as very nice and
pleasant - almost like sorority sisters. Looks likes it's a job with
great perks and just like a job, all the girls know they have to get along
in order to keep the boss happy. At this point, I'm speculating there
might even be an orientation meeting when they join. Maybe they have to
sign all kinds of contracts agreeing not to disclose certain things
(probably sex related) and that as "reps" of Hugh Hefner, they can only
say/do certain things (i.e. a curfew clause, a promise to not date other
people clause or do anything that would have the appearance of
impropriety,,,, dang, I'm reminded of contracts the Dallas Cowboy
Cheerleader probably have to sign - obviously with some differences....)
Mind boggling but very entertaining ........ the possibilities are
endless!!!!!!!!! It is an industry and a community unto itself.

With regard to their looks, I think he's locked on women resembling those
platinum blonde black/white flim stars he grew up watching - kind of like
Nabokov's Lolita. God love him!

Thanks for a fun article! :)

H (female):

RATING: 1 Star

COMMENTS: I'm disgusted and disturbed by this nonsensical article. What a
waste of time it was to read it. It was full of macho, sexist statements. I
kept having a strong urge to stop, but continued reading in hopes of some
profound comments or meaningful purpose... only to come up empty handed. I
expect a lot more out of an Atlasphere article.


RATING: 4 Stars

COMMENTS: Mr. Browne: Well, finally a column more down to earth than
most. I have read reports of his later sexual prowess by some of the women
who have serviced him. Viagra of course, but the women do all the work, and
if their timing is off, it finishes it for him, which makes him somewhat
angry. They get no pleasure from the act, other than supposedly pleasing
him. He has a reputation to maintain. He also no longer gets any real
pleasure from formal masturbation. But he made a pile of dough out of his
particular predilection, so good luck to him. I wonder how happy, way down
deep inside, he really is. Or his children. Ah well, to each his own. We
purchase pain with all that joy can give, and die of nothing, but a rage to
live. A. Pope.


RATING: 4 Stars

COMMENTS: I wish I knew more of Charles Boyer

(Note: French Actor, famous as a romantic lead. see imdb.com)


RATING: 1 Star

COMMENTS: I don't think that the Atlasphere should lower itself to this
kind of articles. My personal observations as well as many psychological
studies show that people who are so concerned about others' private lives
are somewhat unsatisfied with their own and secretly long for what they are
trying to ridicule.

I am not trying to make any allegations about Stephen Browne's personal
life; after all he insists that he is perfectly happy with his life. I just
think that the Atlasphere column space should be occupied with more
thought-provoking material. We have enough ranting of that sort all over
mass media.


RATING: 5 Stars

COMMENTS: As my father used to say, "That's his way, this is my way."
So Hefner went his own way, and seems to be enjoying what he wrought.
Others might not want what he wanted, others might have wanted a little
more depth (no pun intended) in their lives. I met Hefner once when he was
young, and he was a very common sense, no nonsense kind of guy. He had his
eye on the prize, and he reeled it in. Good for him. May we all fulfill
our dreams in whatever manner we have chosen.


RATING: 1 Star

COMMENTS: If you don't understand polyamory or blondphilia, fine. But you
don't have to make fun of other people's consensual lifestyle choices just
because you don't understand them. Are people making fun of you for being
monoamorous and married? I don't think so. I'm not even sure whether this
is meant to be a humor column or serious.

Don't hassle the Hef!


RATING: 1 Star

COMMENTS: What is the point of this article? Steve does not mention the
Playboy interview with Ayn Rand, Karl Hess's 1969 article, or the
magazine's support for marijuana law reform. Instead, we are treated to
Steve's musings about his tastes in women, ending with a down note about
Charles Boyer's suicide. This type of personal exhibitionism has little
place in a journal of philosophy and liberty.

(Note: I know this person - I fired him once. He's also an equipment/paraphenalia dealer who informed on his customers.)

J (male):

Your new piece is turning out to be a litmus test for tight-assed authoritarian repressors. Nice work!


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