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Friday, February 08, 2008

It's McCain, we're screwed

Amiable wishy-washy Romney is out. It's McCain. We're screwed.

Others have gone down the list of reasons why McCain is, or is not, unacceptable to conservatives. Not being one I'll just say that McCain-Feingold is the deal breaker for me. Argue about else anything you like, but try to tell me what I can or can't say, print or donate money to someone else to say or print, and it's war - and I mean the kind that leaves blood on the streets.

We can work out most anything, as long as we're free to argue about it.

Now having said that I'm going to appear to be inconsistent on the issue in the future. Have patience, all will be revealed.

Three thorough disections of McCain are Bob Bidinotto's thoughtful analysis here http://bidinotto.journalspace.com/?entryid=670

Ilana Mercer's angry rant here http://www.ilanamercer.com/MittsGoneBillsBack.htm

and Ann Coulter's savagely witty http://www.anncoulter.com/

Next: Why support Obama and maybe McCain wouldn't be so bad

(Now THAT got you going didn't it?)


  • At 1:15 PM, Blogger Saint in Exile said…

    This is always an issue that peaks my interest. I spent the past 9 years of my life either at war or training for war - usually in remote areas, removed from civilization. Now that I am no longer in the Army and back among society, it seems that the word "war" is being used more often - or maybe I just notice it more often. Lou Dobbs whines about "war" on the middle class. I heard a Hillary commercial that discussed a "war" on science waged by Bush. Tune in to ESPN and you will see both college and professional athletes discussing the "war" or "battle" that they will engage in against their opponents.

    What do you mean by this first amendment issue being war - especially what are you referring to regarding blood in the street?

    There is a real war at stake. It is the current long war against militant radical Islamic nutbars, both for a military victory to destroy their ability to attack us and for a political victory for support of the majority of the population of the Islamic world. That should be the war that we are focused on, because it is a real one. Our chances to prevailing sink considerably if Hillary or Obama are elected. McCain is not conservative and he is a lousy candidate (though not as lousy as the two Dem candidates), but on that one single issue of greatest importance - the war - he is the only rational and viable option remaining.

  • At 3:02 PM, Blogger Steve Browne said…

    Except that the guy wants to do the same damn thing to us the jihadis do.

    That plus the fact that he doesn't appear to be overly bright.

    See next post on Obama.

  • At 10:17 AM, Blogger Ted said…

    The GOP is throwing this one: McMarkofcain will alienate the conservative base for a generation, the Huckster hasn't a prayer of recovering lost ground, and they're too busy alienating and ignoring the remaining candidate that's even worthy to touch Ronald Reagan's shoes.
    Meanwhile, the establishment is fawning and swooning over a flaming lesbian leftist.
    Obama is the only one left with the faintest air of a citizen-legislator (i.e: NOT a career poli-trickster) about him. It would be nice to think of him as nominable, even electable.

    Vote in your primary, but above all, pray.


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