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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here's my favorite cartoon

Yale University Press is publishing a book by Jytte Klausen, entitled The Cartoons that Shook the World.

Among other things, the book is of course about the cartoons of Mohammed published in the Danish newspaper Jylland- Posten in September, 2005, and the aftermath.

However, something interesting (the absurd is always interesting, don't you think?) is going on here. The book will omit the cartoons that are one of the most importants subjects of the book!

Yale University Press Director John Donatich said a committee of experts' "overwhelming and unanimous recommendation" was to withdraw all images of Muhammad.

Of course they gave a reason. And of course it was longish and left out the single word that would have summed it all up - cowardice.

Long-time readers know I try to avoid using vulgarity, satire, and personal insult too often. Not so much from delicate sensibility, but because overuse diminishes effectiveness.

Nor do I usually care to belittle any man's religion. However absurd I may think another's opinions on the Great Perhaps may be, if it gets you through this vale of tears with any amount of courage and grace, more power to you.

So here's my thoughts on the matter: Fuck you Yale University Press. You Ivy League assholes used to produce scholars, leaders, and heroes.

How are the mighty fallen!

And you Yale University Press Director John Donatich and your committee of "experts," fuck you you gutless cowards.

Now here's my challenge:

Fellow bloggers - plaster these pictures on your blogs. Pick your favorite and feature it prominently.

Shame the cowards, and defy those who would tell free-born Americans what they can and can't say or print.

Show them we are worthy descendants of the brawling, lusty, vulgar men who conquered this continent and built a mighty nation!

"Where there are no men - be thou a man."
-- Rabbi Hillel

"Freedom is not negotiable."
-- Andy Garcia

UPDATE: Here http://townhall.com/columnists/DianaWest/2009/08/20/yale_economics_101_crush_cartoons,_get_sharia-backed_gold

Columnist Diana West offers an additional explanation for the YUP decision - greed.
In "Yale Economics 101: Crush Cartoons, get Sharia-Backed Gold," West details why she thinks Yale is whoring after sources of Saudi money that has already benefitted Harvard and Georgetown Universities. The same sources have also openly supported suicide bombing and supported the families of the "martyrs."

Enjoy spening your 30 pieces of silver guys. But if and when the West ever wakes up to realize it's under attack, I wonder how much good your money is going to do you on that day?



  • At 5:39 PM, Blogger Ted Amadeus said…

    How did I miss this gem!?
    Galt-in-Da-Box believes he may have been a bad influence on you with the article, but does not apologize - WELL SAID: You're catching on!


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