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Monday, July 13, 2009

And speaking of swine...

I just got a call from my wife at noon - that would be at night, her time in Warsaw.

She just spent the day with an old friend from high school, Klaudyna: sweet, very intelligent, artistic, raven-haired (somewhat unusual for Poles), very pretty (not at all unusual for Poles.)

One of the things that convinced me my lady and I were compatible for the long run, in spite of obstacles like a generation's difference in age (I'm her mother's age - and mother-in-law is a stone fox by the way), was her friends.

I know more than many, that hormones can warp your judgement about True Love and compatibility. But my lady had a group of friends she'd known for a long time who were just super. The fact that they thought I was super cool, and we together were the hippest couple in town just confirmed my judgement of their good judgement.

When we had our first kid, they were all really happy for us. I think the first sound our son heard in the womb was the scream of delight from our friend Kasia, the first friend my lady told about her pregnancy. But of course, she and they drifted a bit apart afterwards. It's not that the friendships cooled, they didn't. It's that married people with kids keep different schedules than singles and couples without kids.

So it was with some delight we heard that Klaudyna had been courted, very romantically, by an older man. My lady met him on her last visit to her family in Poland, and thought he was great too.

When Claudina had a baby girl we were ecstatic. And Klaudyna told my lady how close she felt to her, now they were both mothers.

My lady called to tell me the sod had dumped her.

I'm livid.

The bastard was "thinking things over" for a couple of months, then told her he'd fallen in love with another woman.

Oh, and he thinks she's a wonderful mother but he's not going to be tied down by a baby.

He promised to support her - until her maternity leave is up. He made some vague noises about supporting the baby.

Wanna start a betting pool about how long that's going to last?

You godrotting sod. You left a wonderful girl in the lurch with a beautiful baby.


If you just had to get you some strange, did you have to pay for it with your honor?

And to you, unknown lady who won his heart, someday maybe you'll learn that a woman who gets a man who abandons the mother of his children, gets a man who abandons the mother of his children.


  • At 6:10 PM, Blogger Ted Amadeus said…

    Wow, that reeks!
    Pull together & believe for the best.
    I hope Mr. "thinking things over" gets a rude awakening.

  • At 6:54 AM, Blogger TJIC said…

    Does Poland have any cute local traditions like "a posse of concerned men show up and tar and feather the miscreant ... with really really hot tar?".

    ...because I've been looking for an excuse to visit Poland...

  • At 11:31 AM, Blogger Steve said…

    Don't wait for an excuse, it's well worth the visit.

    Find an outdoor cafe on ul. Nowy Swiat (New World Street) sit and watch one of the best free floor shows in Europe.

    The Old Town Square in Krakow may be even better. The town wasn't destroyed like Warsaw and rebuilt by socialist morons.

  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger Steve said…

    And BTW TJIC, I've looked at your profile and found to my delight that you're responsible for SmartFlix.com

    I am a regular customer and reviewed this site among others here:


    for anyone who aspires to become an educated person with the education system in the state it is.

    Go there and check it out gentle readers - while it's still legal.

    And when it isn't, I have every confidence TJIC will figure out something...


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